Lidio Carraro


Lidio Carraro Boutique Winery came to life in 1998, following the Carraro family five generation viticulture tradition by establishing new vineyards in two privileged locations in Southern Brazil: Vale dos Vinhedos and Encruzilhada do Sul. Combining respect for the land, sustainability and modern vinification technology, it produced its first fine wines in 2002. 

Through a firm commitment to making authentic wines, synchronized with their origins and expressing the best qualities of the Brazilian terroirs, Lidio Carraro has become one of the country's most distinguished representation in the wine market. It also the first boutique winery in Brazil to operate exclusively with top quality wines.

Under a purist philosophy, which seeks to bring back the essence and integrity of the wine, all the process by Lidio Carraro is conducted with minimum interference and maximum respect to the natural expression of the grape and its original terroir.